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About Us

Have you ever wished your could swap your club duties with someone else because of prior commitments or sudden changes to your schedule?

Have you ever wished you could make some extra money from taking someone’s spot for them?

Now you can with Take My Spot!!

Simply register on the site , enter your club details and await confirmation , advertise your spot you want taken and wait for the market to respond!

You can then also apply for jobs in the market place.

It's that easy!

  • A $4.40 transaction charge is applied for a swap of duties.
  • A $4.40 transaction charge + 10% of the hourly charge is applied for paid jobs.

Happy swapping !!
Take My Spot Team

How It Works


Your Club Registers

Get your club administrator to sign up and add your club. The administrator will then allow members to connect to your club on Take My Spot.

  • Free club registration
  • Your club administrator approves applicants
  • Each member can choose if they want to participate

Submit A Job

If you can't make it to one of your allotted duties with the club, simply submit the job to the marketplace and wait for other members to apply.

  • Submit for a swap Job and pay $4.40
  • Submit for a paid job and pay an hourly rate
  • You don't pay until the job is completed successfully

Earn Money Yourself

Once you are registered you can browse the marketplace and find jobs that you can do and earn cash for completing someone's duties.

  • You can browse all club jobs not just your own
  • You can browse jobs from other sports
  • You get paid and hourly rate and we take a 10% fee

Club Types

Suitable for any type of club

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PO BOX 691, Wembley WA 6913, Australia

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